Professional Development

Twice a year, DIGICOM Learning offers week-long professional development courses in digital storytelling. Exclusively for K-12 teachers, these six comprehensive classes cover a variety of subject matter, ranging from digital storytelling basics to advanced production techniques.

During professional development, teachers get hands-on training in digital storytelling and discover ways to use this 21st century learning tool in the classroom. At the core of the DIGICOM curriculum is the S.C.A.L.E. method (Story, Camera, Audio, Look, Editing), which is a technique designed and implemented by CEO and founder, David Vogel, former president of Walt Disney Pictures.

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Classes are co-taught by DIGICOM certified K-12 teachers working side-by-side with DIGICOM professionals from the media industry. This unique approach combines the art and technology of video storytelling with practical applications in core subject areas.

Upon completion of any course, teachers can pursue continuing education units (CEUs) from our educational partner, University of California, Riverside. When all six DIGICOM Learning courses are completed, teachers are awarded a certificate in Digital Storytelling.

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